A Case For Independent Ecommerce


On October 24th 2017, Tantalus Labs submitted the following document to the Provincial Cannabis Secretariat. We are proud that our Provincial Government has taken the time to receive submissions and hear from voters and taxpayers. We believe our legislators have been presented with the information that they need to build policy reflective of our province’s culture and aspirations, thanks

Into The Light


Tantalus Labs was founded to advance frontiers. On our team, we share a vision to build a brighter future for cannabis through #Sungrown technology. The recent completion of SunLab, a new generation of purpose-built cannabis greenhouse, was a milestone many called impossible.

We believed that if we shared our vision transparently and passionately, that we would be joined by other

Cannabis Grow-Ops use More Electricity than the Mining Industry in Canada

The following article was originally published on CantechLetter.com

The thought of marijuana cultivation brings to mind images of the a “Back to the Land” Movement, and perhaps of a philosophy that eschews waste and aims for practices that are more in tune with the environment.

But the marijuana business has a dirty secret: it is likely that illicit marijuana

eCommerce can Age-Restrict Cannabis Access Better than Storefronts


Myth: retail storefronts are the best way to age-restrict access to cannabis

Counterintuitively, eCommerce can verify identities through software with fewer errors than humans working at a storefront. Mail-order cannabis currently utilized by the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) can leverage proven software to better verify identities and ages than the protocols in physical storefronts such as liquor stores.

Academics Endorse Legalization, but Leave Out Private Sector


The following article was originally published on LiftCannabis.ca

Attending the 2016 Cannabis Science and Policy Summit as a delegate was an intellectual validation of the immediate need for legalization and regulation of cannabis in North America.

This sentiment was universal among attendees.

The social costs articulated by both the Liberal government’s platform for legalization and the United States’

Representing at CSPS


I was stoked to represent Tantalus Labs at the Cannabis Science and Policy Summit at NYU, hosted by Mark A. R. Kleiman and Jonathan P. Caulkins over the weekend of April 17th - 19th, 2016. The conference delegates threw significant academic weight behind regulating cannabis, with tools like sophisticated usage models, rich statistics, and cautionary insight on the bumpy road

It's Time to Reform The Duffel Bag Supply Chain of Dispensary Cannabis


The following article was originally published on VancouverSun.com

It’s a tough go for legal weed growers. Today, the Canadian federal medical cannabis system, or Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) is struggling to compete with the unregulated dispensary supply chain.

Despite often lower prices, the tightest quality assurance in the world, and the draw of being able to

A Brighter Future for Marijuana Growing

The Chief

The following article was originally published on VancouverSun.com

On the floor of the 2015 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago this week there is one word on everyone’s lips: greenhouse. From investors to cultivators, the consensus is that a bright future for cannabis cultivation is looming, and the future is Sungrown.

sunlight is the ideal means to

The Dirty Truth About Marijuana’s Carbon Cost

The Dirty Truth About Marijuana's Carbon Cost

The following article was originally published on VancouverSun.com

When it comes to environmental impact, marijuana is one of the dirtiest products in agriculture, if not all industries. As social attitudes around cannabis shift, advocates may be tempted to glaze over the problems with the emerging industry. The carbon cost of a joint is a staggering ~5000 times its weight,

Marijuana Advocacy is the Mainstream Majority


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In the wake of US President Barack Obama’s recent and groundbreaking support for medical marijuana legalization, it is now more apparent than ever that the world has changed. Attendance at 420 celebrations has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching an estimated 30,000 at Vancouver's location. In the 1970’s, voter

Medical Marijuana Works

Dewy Medow

The following article was originally published on VancouverSun.com

People benefit from using medical marijuana. It is a fact. Opponents of this idea may cite a lack of data, double-blind studies, or clinical trials to suggest that the water is too murky to assess cannabis’ effectiveness in a therapeutic context. This is a reflection of where we stand on the

Vaping Marijuana Without the Buzz

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Cannabis is forging wide associations with proactive health, branching away from casual recreation. As medical cannabis consumption continues its steady groundswell of social acceptance, users and researchers alike are recognizing a variety of compounds within the cannabis plant carrying latent value beyond the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When one smokes marijuana, THC’

Noxious Weeds: Mould, Mites, and Windex

Fern Hill

The following article was originally published on VancouverSun.com

Producing uncontaminated cannabis on a commercial scale is challenging, rare, and largely unregulated. The fact is, mould, adulterants, and pesticides are prolific in black market marijuana. The risk of consuming contaminated cannabis is real. Randomized tests of street-sold marijuana suggest that as much as 40% contains levels of mould toxic to

Are Greenhouses The Future Of Canadian Cannabis?


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Out of the shadows, and into the light. Whatever your stake in the future of Canadian cannabis, this maxim speaks volumes. A regulated commercial production community for Canadian medical cannabis demands an evolution from the stealth cultivation that drove black market production for the last 20 years. Now cannabis agricultural practices

BC Bud: A Household Name

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From Denver to Amsterdam, BC Bud is a household name. Ask any well-travelled British Columbian what distinguishes their homeland, and our infamous marijuana consistently ranks high. Perhaps this stems from our tolerant enforcement of cannabis drug laws, diverse cultivation expertise, or dense concentration of habitual cannabis consumers; 7% of British Columbians