Greenhouse Marijuana: British Columbia’s Next Great Industry


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One of the greatest social shifts of the decade is underway, tilting towards a normalized future for the consumption and production of cannabis. The legalization of this historically contentious plant is now supported by 66% of Canadian voters. 35 American states have legislated some form of decriminalization, medicalization, or regulated sale.

A Response to Lancet Psychiatry Study: The Reality of Cannabis Abuse in Teens


The Washington Post published an article today indicating that new research from The Lancet Psychiatry, a British journal of health research, suggests that teenages who use marijuana daily are 60% less likely to finish highschool than those whom never use. It has been met with some warranted contention. I could criticise the article’s assumed causality; the rationalization that troubled

33 Acres of Brand Perfection

33 Acres Brewery

I love 33 Acres Brewing Co.

I am evangelical about them. When people ask me where in Vancouver to grab a good beer or meet for a first date, 33 Acres always tops my list. Sometimes I proffer this advice unsolicited. Aside from the revenue associated with more than a few growlers and meals, I have never contributed in any

Howe Sound By Water

Squamish Harbour

Adventure is all around us.

To actively seek inspiration beyond the routine of an urban environment is to take ownership of what we see and hear. Often, a change of scene, and a quieting of the white noise, is a step towards seeing the forest for the trees. Even a momentary reprieve from our perception of drudgery can breathe new